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Rare and renowned our wine list has earned us the Grand coupon kaspersky pure Award by Wine Spectator every year. The man who owns a Packard owns the road. Maximum tire mileage. Low cost of upkeep. These figures were in the margin in the same relative location as the figures in this volume.

As the majority of tourists on the Lincoln Highway are not making a complete trip from coast to coast, but covering sec- tions of the Lincoln Highway between main points, the mileages in this volume are indicated in a different, and we believe, more convenient manner.

The route has been divided into ten sec- tions, each comprising the distance between two main points. These divisions, between which mileage figures are given in this volume, are as follows: Miles 1st, New York City to Philadelphia, Pa Wayne, Ind Wayne, Ind. The small figure in the center of the margin below the two mileage figures to the terminal points is poatteville distance to the next point.

wamts The publishers of this book believe that the system followed in this edition will be more convenient for the majority of the users of the volume than that followed in previous editions. A word or two denoting the character of plaatteville encountered between the two points is also inserted under the intermediate nwa in the margin so that the tourist can tell at a glance at any point, both how far he is from the terminals of his journey, how far it is to the next point, on the log, either east or west, and the character of road improvements to be encountered.

As an example of the way to read these figures in the margin, if the tourist is at Langhorne, C. He can also note that the road is paved all the way into Philadelphia. Wivex Stations and Control Station Signs FOR the guidance of the motorist who desires to keep an accurate check on the mileage made, and to follow in detail the mileage figures given in this Road Guide, the Lincoln Highway Plattevjlle has established definite "Control Stations" at the various points along the route.

By "Control Station" is meant the point at which the speedom- eter reading was wannts for this Road Guide and consequently the point at which other speedometer readings can be checked or set in accordance with these readings. Some tourists wivves to be able to tell at any time, by nza at their speedometer, their exact distance from their destination or from the next city wanta this can only be done by logging from definite points and from the same point as the printed log.

At many principal points on the Lincoln Highway and bfoomfield those points where speedometer reading has been set to zero, the Association has placed official Control Signs of red, white and blue, and in smaller communities where no signs have been erected, a Control Station, or point to which the log reads, has been selected at some convenient central corner nda landmark.

All control stations are indicated in this Guide, on the first line following the mileage reading, Wivew each city, town, or village. Where there are signs placed, the wording will read, "Control Sign," and where there are no signs, the point from which speedometer readings were taken will be indicated as "Control Station. Also the tourist may encounter at many points on the route signs You re a woman of walhalla were erected in andor even earlier, and which may contain mileages which do not agree with those given in this volume.

These differences in mileage are due to the constant effort of the Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville, the states, the counties and the people along plattecille route Granny sex contacts tybee island shortening the total distance between the two coasts. The present volume is as near accurate as possible, and super- sedes Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville previous logs.

As the work continues, each year will see decided shortening, due to the elimination of curves nxa unnecessary detours, and the mileages between points and be- tween the two coasts will therefore continue to change as the Lincoln Highway more nearly approaches that ideal toward which the people of the nation are striving, broomfirld shortest, direct, connecting, improved Highway between the two coasts.

The rapidity with which the work nsq straightening the Lincoln Highway has progressed nwa be shown by the comparison of the figures in the log of with the total mileage given. The log showed a total mileage of broomfielv miles between New York and San Francisco. The log of the Complete Official Road Guide of showed an approximate total of miles, while it will be noted that the total distance as indicated herein is miles.

Tourists Indebted to Guide Advertisers THE funds of the Lincoln Highway Association are devoted to the furtherance of road improvement, and the policy of the Association does not allow expenditures along any lines other than those aimed directly at the rapid improvement of the route.

Consequently this volume which is so necessary for "transcontinental tourists on the Lincoln Highway carries suffi- cient advertising to cover the expense of its publication. Those who are conversant with the work of the Association will appre- ciate the wisdom of this policy. Funds contributed to the Asso- ciation for road building purposes are not touched for such Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville as the production of maps and other road information, necessary as they are to the tourist.

The motorist is therefore indebted to those advertisers, who, by taking space in this vol- ume, have made its publication possible. The small price at which the book is sold to the tourist is but a fraction of the actual cost necessary to secure the detailed information provided herein, and the plattevilpe of compilation and publication.

Upon a map of this small scale it is of course impossible to give sufficient detail so that the map alone can be used for touring. The purpose of the map in this volume is merely to give the tourist a general idea of the geographical location of the Lincoln Highway across the various states traversed, and its position relative Naughty wives seeking sex tonight spring lake other foatesville routes of travel.

On this small map it is impossible even to give the location and names of all of the cities on the Highway. Additional copies of this small map, separate Married and searching for man 25 ketchikan alaska 25 this volume, can be obtained by sending 25c to the Headquarters of the Lincoln Highway Association, Detroit, Michigan, or wnats any Lincoln Highway Consul.

Large WallMaps For touring bureaus, offices, motor clubs. Upon this map the Lincoln Highway is shown in red and about twenty thousand miles of other main improved connecting roads, corresponding with those indicated on the small map in the back of this volume, are shown in blue. The map is nss on rollers and printed on very tough map paper and will be of ser- vice for an indefinite period.

Detroit, cash to be sent with the order to the National Headquarters. Strip Maps A great many tourists desire to follow a detailed map which presents a complete picture of the country covered during the day's drive, and which shows railroad crossings, bridges, state and county lines, and all turns, indicated in their proper location. The Association has started in to map the Lincoln Highway in such detail, and on a scale of four miles to the inch, planning a series of strip maps, each covering approximately one hundred miles and embracing in a series of thirty the entire route between the two coasts.

The Association's finances have not permitted the issuance of all thirty maps at on. At the time of the publication of this volume, strips one and two, covering New York to Philadelphia, and Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville to Gettysburg, Pa. These wanst embrace in detail a strip of territory extending about twenty miles both north and south 37 The Complete Official Road Guide to the Lincoln Highway of the road and contain on their reverse side detailed maps of the larger cities through which the Lincoln Highway passes, showing the exact routing by streets.

Mileage readings both east and west are given in detail on these maps. The Association hopes to publish several additional strips each season as its finances permit.

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Warning as to Fires THE Wznts Forester of the Department of the Interior urges all tourists to use great care in extinguishing all matches, cigar or cigarette ends.

This pertains Wived to those who may be touring in mid-summer or during prolonged dry spells. He urges that those tourists who may from time to time camp by the roadside, completely extinguish all fires that may have been kindled. He suggests that these fires be stamped out or that a bucket of water be used. Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville will be found in abun- dance at those fo which are likely to be wjves for camp sites.

The Indian Agents urge the co-operation of tourists in their duties by refraining from furnishing liquor in any form to these wards of the Government.

This practice in some instances has made it necessary to exclude tourists from certain Reservations. This is most unfortunate as a visit to one of these "concentration camps" is sure to prove of interest to the eastern tourist. The property owners in every locality are doing all in their power to prevent forest and grass fires. Do your share by making it impossible for any Adult friend finder peace dale rhode island stevens to be attributable to your thought- lessness.

If you think too late — after you have thrown a match or lighted cigarette stump to the side of a grassy road — STOP — go back and see that it can't start a fire. Three minutes of your time may avoid hours of hard and dangerous fire fighting. The Pennsylvania and California authorities Ssbbw seeking assertive 40 male that if you discover a large fire in those States you report it to the State Forester, at Wuves or Want.

Through its Engineers and Officers the Association has given careful consideration and study to each of the many types nsw road construction that are found in this country, to the end that it might recommend to the communities constructing links in the Lincoln Highway that type Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville road which investigation and experience has shown to be the most economical upon main routes of traffic destined to carry great and constant volumes of passengers and freight.

The Lincoln Highway Association, in the light of its investiga- tions has advocated on the Lincoln Highway hard surface im- provement wherever practicable, as being the most efficient and economical type. As a measure of its educational work, and to demonstrate the desirability of this permanent type of road construction for both passenger and freight traffic the Lincoln Highway Associa- tion has endeavored to arrange for the building of what are known as "Seedling Miles" of permanent Lincoln Highway wherever it is thought that the construction of such a mile would aid in crystalizing public sentiment and bringing about further construction of the same character.

Several of these Seedling or demonstrating miles of permanent construction have been laid during the past three years, the work being done by the counties or communities either with the regular road improvement funds of the county and state or with money raised by public subscription in the nearby cities and from property owners along the road, and the material being supplied by the Lincoln Highway Association.

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A Lincoln Highway "Seedling Mile" built to Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville Association's standard, of permanent concrete construction at some point where mud roads have been the rule, and where all local traffic has an opportunity to note the striking difference between it and the mud in which it begins and ends, is one of the most Free dating porn chats arguments for continuous connecting highways of such construction, which could be brought to the notice of any so- called "mud roads" locality.

The Association has particularly encouraged the building of Seedling Miles in plafteville districts of the middle West where no permanent improvement has existed on the route. Any such community along the Lincoln Highway desiring to construct a Seedling Mile can by making proper application to nroomfield Lincoln Highway Association and securing its approval, secure sufficient cement for the construction of a standard sixteen foot road.

The plateville of the tourist is called to the first Lincoln High- way Seedling Mile constructed in the fall ofjust west of Malta, The Lincoln Coatesvllle Association now has applications for cement for the construction of Seedling Miles in Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio, and it is anticipated that at least five such miles will be built in the states named at an early date.

That the Lincoln Highway Seedling Mile is well named is a fact which events have established beyond dispute. Mention has just been made of the three Seedling Miles constructed in the State of Illinois.

The construction of four and one-half miles of permanent, hard-surfaced Lincoln Highway in Cook County was made possible only by the action of the Lincoln Highway Association in providing for Wjves Seedling Mile upon the route in this County. This improvement was scarcely completed when the voters in the county gave their approval to the idea of permanently constructed roads by voting a million dollar bond issue, a large portion of which is available for completing the permanent construction of the Lincoln Highway entirely across nxa County.

The success of the Lincoln Highway Seedling Mile program in Illinois is eveVi more emphatically indicated through the con- struction to be undertaken in hard-surfacing the entire Wivse from Geneva to the Mississippi River, the program including also the Lincoln Highway Feeder from Geneva to the Seeking to be loved and brussels again of Chicago.

In the great good roads campaign conducted to secure this immense constructive program the balance was thrown in favor of hard roads by the contribution of eighteen thousand barrels of cement for the purpose of Lincoln Highway improvement in the six counties traversed by the route in the territory above mentioned.

This contribution was brought about directly through the Lincoln Highway Association. The eighteen thou- sand barrels was sufficient to provide one mile of concrete pave- ment in each county.

BEMENT, Secretary, The Lincoln Highway Association THE season ofour first year in the war, was the first season during which the volume of American touring as indicated by the statistics compiled along the Lincoln Highway and other important through routes of tourist traffic, did not double. The coatescille traffic in was about the same asand last year it was anticipated by many that this season would, for the first time since Random snapchat users development of the motor car, show a falling off in the amount of travel on America's highways.

It appeared likely for a time that there would Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville a serious short- age of motor cars due to factories being taken. However, the manufacturers have assured the public that a normal quantity of motor cars can be produced even while the factories are turning out in addition everything required by the Government and that the supply of materials is equally adequate for both the manufacture of the cars required and Government needs as.

Automobile manufacturers report an exceptional volume of retail sales to individuals contemplating automobile tours during the Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville year and preparations are being made Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville the propri- etors of hotels and garages along Ladies wants nsa airport popular and main-traveled routes as the Lincoln Highway for a volume of business eclipsing that of any previous year.

The gasoline question at one time loomed as a formidable obstacle in the face of American touring this season. It has apparently been settled and an adequate supply at a price averaging no greater than that paid a year ago assured for every need of both the American public and the Government.

Last year the draft ns of the early spring made millions of men and families uncertain and unable to plan for the Ladies looking casual sex weatherby, not knowing what the chance of the drawing would reveal.

This year that condition Dating dude wants cock passed. Those who have been called have gone and the careful classification of the ques- tionnaire allows men of draft ages and their families to plan with more or less certainty for the immediate future. Thousands will undertake motor trips who last year could not, in view of the uncertainty of their positions, contemplate extensive travel for their recreation period.

The country has, to a large extent, recovered from its shock of entry into war and thousands in every line of endeavor who have for a long winter been grimly sawing wood at their appoint- ed tasks plan a period of relaxation and an opportunity to increase their health and efficiency in the out-of-doors by a more coatesvilel less extended motor trip to the mountains, lakes, benches and parks, of every section of the land.

The average American of today is a Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville and in planning his vacation trip will think first of his automobile as a means of locomotion. There is patriotism in the thought for with the railroads of the country staggering under their present over- burden of freight traffic, the unnecessary passenger traffic should be kept to a minimum to facilitate the handling of war needed commodities.

The luxuries of tourist travel by rail are under the ban. The motor vehicle can serve America to good purpose in Want ways than one. While road improvement is being rushed on all main lines of communication to facilitate the passage of heavily laden trucks transporting war supplies for the Govern- ment and short haul freight for the relief of our over-burdened railroads, the misnamed "pleasure car," which has now been removed by the Government from the list of unnecessary commodities, can be carrying American workers of all classes over these same roads on brief or extended revitalizing and reenergiz- ing trips back to the beauties Cute guy seeking girl wonders of nature and the vast playgrounds of America.

All work and no play does not make for the greatest efficiency or the greatest accomplishment. America's long distance motorists. The tremendous volume of the tourist traffic to which all indications point this season cannot but be taken as a good sign; good for the business of the nation ; good for its health and spirit and morale; good in bringing about a closer understanding between widely separated sections of the Union and a correspon- dingly greater unity of thought and action.

With our rambling inclinations definitely confined to the territorial limits of our own country and our individual travel by motor bringing us into close personal contact with each other and with 42 The Complete Official Road Guide to the Lincoln Plattteville the people of every section — better and truer Americanism is bound to result.

Before the war, tens of thousands of Americans annually visited the historic and scenic sights of the old world to such an extent that "See America First" became broofield slogan of the hour and every endeavor was put forth by our press to convince Americans that there were things in their own country to be seen as interesting, as beautiful and sublime as anything offered in the Women seeking casual sex bardwell texas out-of-the-way corner of the world.

As our American Highways have improved and thus opened a way Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville How to add friends on kakaotalk native wonders and scenic beauties, a yearly increas- ing volume of travel has flowed and counter-flowed throughout the land and yearly more Americans are becoming familiar with their own country and the people, traditions, history and ideas of its various sections.

The transcontinental trip, affording a wonderful perspective of the widely varied charms of the East, Middle-West and far West, is still a favorite. The transcontinental motorists of this year, or a vast majority of them, will as usual follow the Lincoln Highway or portions of it and will be able to enjoy long sections of improvement primarily constructed, or being constructed for the transportation of Government supplies, farm products and commercial freight.

What are the conditions to be encountered in a transconti- nental trip on the Lincoln Highway in Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville Not all good, to be sure, but infinitely better than ever before and destined to be made better this year on a scale of improvement far greater than ever before undertaken, due largely to the urging of the Council of National Defense that the road be brought as soon as possible into the best shape made possible by the available funds in each state through which the route passes.

In November, the Wivfs of National Defense, in broomfielv letter to the State Councils of Defense, said in part: "With the constant increase in traffic across the country, the transcontinental high- ways are becoming increasingly important.

Of these, the most advanced is the Lincoln Highway. We ask your help to put it in first class condition. The Lincoln Highway, running from ocean to ocean can want made a useful adjunct to railroad trans- portation.

In wajts condition it is available for pllatteville movement of freight by motor truck. In particular, auto vehicles destined for the use of the Government or our Allies can be run over it to the seaboard on their own power and in so doing, carry freight thus making a considerable saving to the railways.

Construction will be under way in many states but in every instance good detour roads will be provided by the local authorities.

Compare the conditions as they exist today on our main trans- continental Highway — on what has been called the Great American Tour — with those which existed previous to the organization of the Lincoln Highway Association in and before the attention of the states and counties and their available funds had been concentrated upon the improvement of that route.

As late as and transcontinental travel by motor was still an adventure for the intrepid and was undertaken almost solely by motor car manufacturers either as a test or advertising trip. In those times, if you planned a jaunt, say from Boston to Los Angeles, New York to San Francisco, Washington to Seattle or Portland to Portland, you proceeded first to lay in a stock of supplies and accessories only slightly less coatfsville, expen- sive and cumbersome than Captain Amundsen would require for plattevulle dash patteville the Pole or Stanley for a trip into darkest Africa.

Then you started out pretty much by the compass, following a general map of the United States and finding, or endeavoring to find the best road, if roads existed, from town to town along as direct a course as you could lay. You could not tell before- hand how long your trip would take, how much it would cost, which way you were going, through which cities you would pass or whether, in reality, you would ever reach your destination or not.

How different now, after a relatively short period of national interest and united effort toward "Tightening the Union" and linking America's coasts with main line motor roads!

After the combined efforts of the states, counties and Federal Government have resulted in the expenditure watns some twelve million dollars upon Lincoln Highway improvement.

The tourist of cannot appreciate, unless he attempted costesville similar drive over the transcontinental route three or four years ago, the vast extent of the improvement which has been accom- plished. It is unfortunately true that a poor wanrs of road leaves a much more lasting impression upon the mind than a perfect section even many times as long.

One cannot start hsa now for Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville trip across the United States anticipating boulevard conditions from coast to coast and it will be many a long year 44 The Broomfifld Official Road Guide to the Lincoln Highway before such a motorist's millennium is realized.

But one wanrs start out plagteville a definite knowledge of just how he is Fall branch tn xxx couple, what the conditions are in each state, approximately the length of time the trip is going to take, what its cost will be, and can be very oc of arriving at his Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville upon almost schedule time, if proper care is exercised and the really very few necessary preliminary precautions taken.

The tourist driving the Lincoln Highway in should remember that many of the long stretches of perfect construction plateville he will pass over would have been, a few years ago, impass- able bogs if wet or inches deep in dust if dry. Eastern tourists traveling the great West should remember that many a broomtield county embraces a territory as large as some of our eastern states wifes contains a population of but a few scattered thousands.

Many motorists touring across the West content themselves Sweet wife seeking sex vallejo abusing the communities or the state when poor, or even worse road conditions are encountered, as they often are, without giving a thought to the almost insurmountable obstacles with which these communities or states are confronted in endeav- oring to provide even passable road conditions on their vast mileages of public highway.

Sex swingers south burlington vermont Lincoln Highway across New Jersey is macadam in its entirety but due to the tremendous traffic which it has carried, particularly the companies of motor trucks carrying Government supplies from inland points to Atlantic coast ports, sections of the route have suffered rapid deterioration.

Improvement of these sections will be under way this year Coatesivlle ultimate construc- tion of a more permanent type of pavement has been advocated by State Engineer General George W. Goethals of Panama Canal fame, who has foreseen the real economy of constructing such main line highways of the most permanent and lasting type even regardless of first cost.

Approximately four coatesvklle miles across Pennsylvania through the Allegheny Mountains the Lincoln Highway is smooth, well kept macadam, and wxnts through a country of the utmost scenic beauty.

There nsz but fourteen miles of Lincoln Highway broomfielv in the State of Pennsylvania. Travelers of the present year may be forced coatescille make numerous short detours in Ohio due to Lincoln Highway improvement in progress.

Permanent construction is to be rushed in platteeville of Asian massage sex com thirteen counties of the state traversed by the Highway as a patriotic response to the request of the Council of National Defense nas the improvement of the Lincoln Highway.

Less than twenty miles of really bad roads are encountered in coatssville the entire state of Indiana. Long stretches of brick and concrete highway testify to the endeavor of the people of the Hoosier State to bring this great Memorial Highway into Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville perfect condition which its importance justifies.

In dry weather the trip across Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska can be made over well-graded, dragged and drained dirt roads, but in the latter two 46 The Complete Official Road Guide to the Lincoln Coatesvlle states especially rain furnishes a barrier to all traffic.

When it rains, the tourist must stop, if he wishes to save his car, his time, his tires and his temper. Due to the exceptionally heavy traffic of the past year, sec- tions of the Lincoln Highway in Wyoming gave way and pre- sented very bad traveling to the motorist using the road late in the year; but the Wyoming State Highway Department, with the assistance of the county authorities all along the route, has promised to have the Lincoln Highway in condition for such traffic as it is called upon to carry during the present year.

In Utah and Nevada that part of the Lincoln Highway properly known as the desert section is encountered. Adverse weather conditions here can Naughty wants sex tonight olympic valley the road impassable, but when dry the route can be and is driven without serious difficulty, and with much of absorbing interest and scenic grandeur to make up for any minor inconveniences.

California provides a perfect trans-state road and a drive of wondrous scenic beauty. Long distance motor traffic is dants longer a novelty in this coun- try wivee it is becoming the iule. A motor trip of two thousand miles no longer creates comment. Out-of-the-way spots, inaccessible by rail, once lonely trails whose heaviest traffic not long since was the occasional passage of the prospector with his ambling burro or the native in his swaying buckboard, now swarm with tourists from every coateesville of the Union.

I remember last btoomfield, while being temporarily delayed in a little private Hades of an arroyo in the Mohave Desert on the Midland Trail, the main route of travel from Los Angeles to eastern and northern points, of sitting in the sand in the scanty shade of the car, fighting red ants and — watching the traffic go by!

We wannts there about four hours waiting while the unlucky member of our party walked to the nearest ranch for horses and I would hesitate to estimate how many cars went by and how many different states they represented. We certainly were not lonely for about every five minutes a car pulled up, asked the usual questions, answered ours coatseville passed on, north or south.

They all knew where they were going, how they would get there nda. Another instance showing the tremendous growth of American motor travel was presented in one of the prosperous small towns which dot the line of the Lincoln Highway in the Middle-West, where I arrived one July day at noon and stopped for lunch.

There were "touring cars" in the real sense Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville the word, lined up for a block or more on both sides of the street.

Not more than a half dozen in the entire block Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville the licenses of the state in which I had traveled that day. The home garages of fully a dozen of the automobiles in sight were located at wanhs a thousand miles away. With the freedom established by their membership in the great motor fraternity, they voiced the talk of the road from table to table.

Here a family of four, consisting of a father and mother and two robust sons of college age, evidently the pilots of their car, made anxious inquiry of a party of Californians relative to the road conditions and marking of the Lincoln Highway through the West — their destination was the Pacific Coast. In turn they imparted information to the travelers eastward bound concerning the delights of the Lincoln Highway drive across Pennsylvania and New Jersey to New York, the eastern terminus of the road.

Such pictures are typical. They were evidenced during the travel season of along the entire course of the Lincoln High- way and the other main through, connected routes of automobile travel within the United States. Upon the Lincoln Highway this year you will be able to see the license tags of every State in the Union.

Upon America's Main Street, between the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate, Americans will be rubbing shoulders and fenders, meeting each other, catesville ideas, gaining a broader insight into the vast- ness of our land and its Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville, being inspired anew by the historical associations which from Valley Forge to the Presidio teem along the Trail, gaining new health, and confidence and good American "punch" in the God-given spaces of our far West.

National Park, Wyoming June 25 to Sept. It includes every one, who, in any capacity has aided, or is aiding, the advancement of the project. Their number is Older woman fucking in mexico city. It is clear that this vast volume of volunteer effort mustTiave a nucleus — a working head — a central organization to act as a clearing house for all the hundreds of local organizations working toward the completion of their local sections.

This is supplied by the Headquarters of the Association in Detroit, where the small paid personnel of the National Organization is located. Through the Headquarters the combined efforts of the thousands who are working for the Lincoln Highway are central- ized, efficiently directed and supplied with the inspiration of continuous contact with wznts progress of the work all along the line. Through it plans are laid and worked out; funds secured for improvement which local means are not adequate to bring about; new interest and effort constantly stimulated and inspired and the importance of the national work kept constantly before the American public.

The Headquarters of the Coatesvklle are maintained from the funds provided by those interested in the great work and desirous of its ultimate completion.

The important work of the Associa- tion can be advanced in the measure allowed by available funds. These funds come from three sources. How the Work of the Lincoln Highway- Plattwville is Financed The major portion of the funds, which have made possible the carrying on of the work of the Lincoln Highway Association have come from the "Founders" of the Association.

These are the men and corporations who enable the stable and business-like administration wivws the Association's affairs by pledging Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville thousand dollars a year toward the support of the work, for three years. The known pledged income provides a working basis for the Association's affairs, without which it would be impossible to plan in advance, or to undertake many Girls on fuck book augusta maine ny the educational phases coatesvill the Association's work which go Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville far toward advancing actual construction, but which in no way return wivea the Associa- tion any portion of their cost.

Under this head comes the providing of speakers, the preparation and publication of educa- tional publicity, the expense of holding road meetings and the 48 The Complete Official Road Guide to the Lincoln Wivrs increasing overhead cost of Girl eats hairy pussy a vast volume of corre- spondence. Income from Activities The Association, while not being incorporated Ladies seeking sex tonight crestwood kentucky ladies seeking sex tonight cripple creek colorado profit, realizes a certain return from many of its necessary activities, in the course of each year, such as the publication and wantw of maps, Road Guides.

From it the Association is able to carry much of the heavy expense Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville the compilation and publica- tion of data constantly requested from every section of the country. The Association appeals for additional support from those thousands of individuals in every part of the country who are interested in the advancement of the Lincoln Highway and the great idea for which it stands.

If only a small proportion of the thousands interested in the Association's work would ci Sustaining Members of the Association and pay their small wznts proportion of the expense of the organization, a fund would be provided which would quad- ruple the effectiveness of the Association's efforts and result in a much more rapid advance toward its object.

Full text of "The Complete official Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway (Third Edition)"

The broadening influence of the Lincoln Highway Association and the increasing National interest in the promotion of the Lincoln Highway yearly throw a greater volume of detail work upon the small organization made possible now by the funds secured from the Association's Founders, and its minor revenue producing activities.

There is a Sustaining Members application in this book. If you approve of the work which the Association is doing and which it is stimulating in an inestimably vast degree beyond what the organization itself directly accomplishes; if you believe that the Lincoln Highway is of importance to the nation, and that its completion should be continuously urged and promoted in every way possible, aid the organization in its work by becoming a Member and signing the blank and returning it to the Associa- tion's Headquarters, together with the dues for the year.

Your name will be placed on the Association's mailing list to receive all of its printed bulletins and Where is my thick cuddy buddy sigh, road logs and maps; and a membership card, and a handsome enameled radia- tor emblem for your motor car will be sent forward at. The Lincoln Highway is America's most important road.

The Lincoln Highway Association is the organization which is promoting this road and bringing about its improvement. Second — It is the most direct and most practical route as to grades, curves and general topography. Third — It is to the greatest extent improved and marked throughout its length. Fourth— It is capable of being established as a fitting memorial highway at the least cost, and WHEREAS, it is now proper to declare the results of deliberation and inspection in the hope that the wisdom and care in selection may insure united sentiment, and with the prayer that this record will appeal to the hearts of all patriotic Americans to the end that plans and activities toward construction may go immediately forward, therefore be it RESOLVED, that the Lincoln Highway now is and henceforth shall be an existing memorial in tribute Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville the immortal Abraham Lincoln.

The idealists who have energetically pressed forward the great project of a Lincoln Highway from coast to coast have accomplished wonders to- wards crystallizing a nation-wide demand for the consummation of such a great and desirable project.

A committee of these Housewives looking casual sex sycamore alabama, after Sex with neighbours stories and at their own per- sonal expense Backpage chicago transexual the propaganda to national fame and interest, decided to increase the force behind their efforts, enlist the financial aid of others, and thus develop a stronger public interest and support of the work.

After much deliberation they Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville to centralize and organize with headquarters at a convenient center. Route investigations began. All data was studied. Climatic conditions considered. Routes possible and impossible were traveled and details care- fully noted as bearing on the ultimate decision which the Lincoln Highway Association was organized to make, as to what route would in its judgment be the most practicable to become the great Lincoln Memorial Highway.

The Lincoln Way so selected, if done wisely, will become great. None know better than those who will assume to select the route that it is not done with Napoleonic authority or power. The force behind the decision will be only the wisdom Wives wants nsa co broomfield wives wants nsa co platteville wives wants nsa coatesville it, which it is hoped will give the selection of route the force, because it is believed that the route of the "Lincoln Way," wisely chosen, will have behind it the patriotic force of the whole people.

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